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Esports has come a long way since the first documented video game competition took place at Stanford University in 1972. With the video-game industry currently exceeding $100 Billion in total revenue, and $3.7 billion of that contributing to Canada’s overall GDP, it’s no surprise that sponsors, corporations and investors across all industries are turning their attention toward esports.

The global esports ecosystem is on track to surpass the National Hockey League in total revenue within a couple years. And that’s why esports is often regarded as the “fifth major sport,” closely behind the likes of the NFL, NBA, MLB and NHL.

The problem though, is that the infrastructure necessary to facilitate and stabilize its growth is not keeping pace with likes of traditional sports. This creates the potential for regulatory mishaps, power imbalances and legal grey areas.

As Canada’s leading esports-dedicated law firm and management agency, MKM exists to provide clarity on such issues, as well as to protect and represent its clients business and legal interests.

If you are a corporation, esports team, athlete, organization, or endemic/non-endemic sponsor and want to get the most out of your esports venture, MKM is here to facilitate your growth.